Teen Martial Arts


For ages 9 to 15

We want our students to become the best they can be so we encourage and challenge them to set goals, and work hard both in class and at home with additional practice.  We have seen that the students who do this reach their goals much more quickly, are happier and demonstrate better character, which is a big goal of ours at WMAA.

Some of the benefits we have recognized have been better physical fitness, improved techniques in exercise to avoid injury, improved cardio conditioning for heart and lungs, improved balance, (karate gets children up and active not sedentary gamers).  We teach them how to fall properly to avoid injury, which helps when biking, skating, etc.  We teach them how to protect themselves to build their confidence so they don’t have to fight.  To know right from wrong and be able to stand up for what they believe in. 

Skills in awareness to know how altercations could begin and how they can deal with them.  Training keeps their brains active and focused.  Learning the complex movements in forms(kata) or combinations of techniques for self-defense.  Our ranking belt system help students learn how to set goals long term and short term with the results typically a new belt.  Discipline, knowing that they hold the key to success if they continue to work thru their struggles.  To continue to work even when they really do not want to do it. 

Long term friendships are an additional bonus of training.  It is always more fun to work out with your friends.  Showing respect is a big key, children learn that respect for self and others is extremely important.  Workouts help get out nervous energy, relieve stress, teach proper breathing and gets bad energy out of the body thru a good sweat.  Meditation will help with the breathing and help students learn how to calm themselves in many situations they may find themselves in.  Many parents have seen such a big difference in their children with prolonged and continuous martial arts training, that they continue to encourage them to pursue another goal!

If what you do doesn’t challenge you, it cannot change or improve you.

We challenge our students and assist those who need it to become their best. 

An upgrade to our core program are three specialty memberships where students learn different disciplines that interest them.  These concentrated classes have the students work on specific aspects of martial arts – Okinawan and Filipino Weapons training, Competition training in forms and breaking, and Sparring where they learn the aspects of sport karate.  Each of these programs are taught separately and train the student in an aspect of martial arts that they will need to reach their goal of advanced black belt levels.