Adult Martial Arts

Ages 16 and above

Here in this group we work with our students on a variety of needs.  Fitness is a big concern, where our cardio training brings smiles and sweats.  Flexibility, which is a key to long term health, is another reason for training.  Here we gently work our older students into using and feeling muscles they may have not noticed in a very long time. Self-defense is also a big key in training.  With our self-defense we keep it simple but extremely effective.  From simple confrontations to more extenuating circumstances. For our adult students we also teach Okinawan and Filipino weaponry.  A fun but sometimes challenging endeavor, but very rewarding.  We will also teach our Okinawan based kata or forms.


With these, we begin slowly like a moving meditation (think tai chi like), then delve into the powerful understandings of the forms as they progress in training.  Finally, we enter into the sport aspect of training with kumite or sparring.  Here the students enter the controlled arena of actually using their skills against a partner.  This is a fun, energetic and tiring portion of the training, but not to worry it’s not for beginners. Many of the benefits our students recognize are better health, deeper breathing, more flexibility so they don’t feel the usual aches and pains; Less stress for outside influences, Better mental retention, a Happier outlook and skip in their step; They also feel younger when they train.  Their outlook on their life seems to get better.  Why don’t you join us and  experience some of these great benefits for yourself?