Adult Program

Ages 16 and above

Here in this group we work with our students on a variety of needs.  Fitness is a big concern, where our cardio training brings smiles and sweats.  Flexibility, which is a key to long term health, is another reason for training.  Here we gently work our older students into using and feeling muscles they may have not noticed in a very long time. Self-defense is also a big key in training.  With our self-defense we keep it simple but extremely effective.  From simple confrontations to more extenuating circumstances. For our adult students we also teach Okinawan and Filipino weaponry.  A fun but sometimes challenging endeavor, but very rewarding.  We will also teach our Okinawan based kata or forms.

With these, we begin slowly like a moving meditation (think tai chi like), then delve into the powerful understandings of the forms as they progress in training.  Finally, we enter into the sport aspect of training with kumite or sparring.  Here the students enter the controlled arena of actually using their skills against a partner.  This is a fun, energetic and tiring portion of the training, but not to worry it’s not for beginners. Many of the benefits our students recognize are better health, deeper breathing, more flexibility so they don’t feel the usual aches and pains; Less stress for outside influences, Better mental retention, a Happier outlook and skip in their step; They also feel younger when they train.  Their outlook on their life seems to get better.  Why don’t you join us and  experience some of these great benefits for yourself?

Virtual Training

Parents have a ton on their plates this year and wondering how their child will get enough exercise is a huge matter to consider.  We have a solution for you.  We will train your child virtually in with our live training members, the skills they need to stay fit physically and strong mentally.  We know it’s not the same as a live in person class, but if it is the only option you have to keep your kids active, we are here for you.


Ninja Trix

A special program for would be Ninja Warriors ages 4 to 7 and 8 to 12

Our newest program is a sport discipline encompassing Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Parkour skills! Our program was developed by lifelong martial artists, gymnastics coaches and parkour enthusiasts to create a totally new, totally engaging, totally crazy fun sport. Your kid may just be the next Ninja Warrior! In each class, our Ninjas will go through all three segments of Ninja Training.

Martial Arts

Our Ninjas will begin their path with foundational martial arts skills taught in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. The martial arts skills taught will lay the foundation for a well-rounded Ninja, while building the confidence to take on the next Ninja challenge!



Every Ninja needs gymnastics skills! Our Ninjas will progress through the Ninja Levels while learning tumbling skills to increase body awareness, physical strength, fitness levels, balance, and co-ordination skills. Ninjas will progress through these skills while gaining new-found confidence and having a great time!


Parkour is the sport of moving rapidly through an area while negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Our Ninjas will learn parkour techniques to navigate through obstacle courses designed to keep them challenged, smiling and wanting to step up to their next Ninja Level!



4 - 7 years old

Our Lil' Ninjas Classes are for ages 4 to 7 years old! They are designed to entertain, excite and motivate our Lil's while learning foundational skills in all three sports, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Parkour. Your Ninja will fine tune motor skills with our challenging, fun classes while developing that positive Ninja Trait of “CAN DO”  


8 - 12 years old

Our Jr. Ninja Classes are designed for the 8 to 12 year old Ninja Warrior! Our Jr. Ninjas learn all the foundational skills that our Lil's learn to create a well-rounded athlete. All the while expanding their skill set to include all the tricks and tumbling skills that will keep our Jr. Ninjas looking for that next challenge!

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are special and they should be an unforgettable event for every child. Our exclusive martial arts themed birthday parties are second to none and perfect for kids of all ages.  We give the Birthday child and 9 of their friends a celebration they will always remember. Our parties are something all kids love and never want to end.

We get started  an exciting and fun filled, action packed 60 minute.



Our Summer, Winter and Day camps are great learning experiences as well as a ton of fun!  We have a blast with our campers whether its summer or wintertime.  Special day camps are also run throughout the school year for parents who need them.  These camps are typically on school holidays.  Check out our calendar for specific days or available weeks.

Private Lesson Training

Our Chief Instructor teaches many private students in areas they specifically need help with.  Be it stress relief, calming their mind, special self-defense skills, or just a workout to stay in shape, our private lessons are just that.  A one on one training, specifically designed by you and our Chief Instructor to reach your goals. 


Tai Chi Training

An Ancient art originally from China, has wonderful healing traditions.  Our Instructor, known as Sifu, has many years of training directly with a Shaolin monk.  So, what you learn in this program stems from many years of ancient training for your body, mind and soul.  Take a chance with Tai Chi’s slow, concentrated movements known to improve the body in a balanced and focused manner.  It is great for those who feel the need to improve their mind body balance. 

Self-Defense Workshops

Our Self-defense workshops are the best around.  We will customize the workshops for adult ladies, young ladies, girl scouts, where we will address the most widely utilized attacks.  We will work on awareness, situational concerns, tactics used, and mind set.  We will give you tools that will work and are simple to remember.

For those who find themselves on the opposite end of a bully, we have skills and tactics that you will learn in this workshop that will help you with combating the bully’s need for power over you.

Look for our next event, or contact us to set a workshop up for your group today.


Senior Citizen Self-Defense and Fitness

Want to keep spry and mobile as you move toward that next birthday?  Well, we want to help there.  Our Senior Program gives you a mix of movement and skills training.  Always encouraging, our instructors get you moving whether you are stationary in a chair or able to move about.  Working arms and legs to keep you agile, we want to keep your awareness of your surroundings sharp. Let’s not be caught off guard.  A great way to make friends and help each other out.

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