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Kids Martial Arts

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Chosen as one of the Best Academies by our community since 2015, we continue to provide outstanding programs that support our members from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Since our founding in 1999, Westling's MA Academy has had the opportunity and privilege to help thousands of students gain foundational skills, develop good character traits, instill a positive mindset and improve themselves confidently, in so many ways.  We have seen so many members transform their lives through our training, mentoring and guidance.

Located just outside of downtown Flemington, NJ, we have been serving the surrounding communities for over 20 years.

Family Martial Arts

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a blend of various traditional martial arts combined with new and innovative teaching methods to energize the body, focus the mind and bring out the best in our members.

Our elite instructors are groomed from within our ranks and began here as students, learned and trained hard and have grown into exceptional role models for our current members.  Sharing their skills and knowledge in the most comprehensive, age-appropriate manner, our instructors have the best time leading by example with the most fun and active programs in the area.  Our leaders continue to hone their skills through continued education and training, and bring that to each program they teach.


We strive to instill in our students that wonder of learning; learning something new each day.  This desire to learn helps focus students on building courage and determination rather than allowing fear, doubt and lack of confidence to win out.  Setting small goals for our students to reach gives them the skills they need to achieve more complicated goals in their future.  Building that self-confidence is a key tenet in our teachings. We here at Westling’s Martial Arts Academy, take our role in serving our community very seriously.  We see this as a grateful privilege that we are trusted to mentor and guide our members of all ages in strengthening their character, their bodies, and their minds.

You will feel welcome, safe and at home here at our family friendly Academy!

During this time of uncertainty, health concerns, deviations from our normal lives and technology overload, everyone needs something positive to focus on in their lives.  We also need physical and mental relief from daily pressures.  Here at WMAA, we strive to instill positivity in all aspects of our teachings, helping members reach their goals, especially with the unprecedented situation we have all found ourselves in this past year. Let us help you become your Best Self.  

Our mission is to provide our community members with the skills needed to develop exceptional character, healthy bodies, and critically important life skills that will help them become strong, confident and successful. This helps them realize their highest potential.  We accomplish this by building their self-confidence and esteem, respect and responsibility, utilizing the most comprehensive martial arts training and teachings, and positive role modeling.  This shows them the lifelong benefits inherent in martial arts training.  Think! Believe! Achieve!



17 Minneakoning Rd Unit H, Flemington, NJ 08822, USA